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ATTENTION ! This website is a work in progress, and we proceed with the updates and creation of content as time allows (us). It will not only provide you with  information about what we do and our products, but give you a lot of valuable information in regard to alternative Energy as a whole.

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Scaled Energy LLC is a company with the mission to provide only the most technically advanced and highest quality products in the "small"  Wind Energy Sector, with turbines ranging from 5kW to 25kW rated power output. All of our products meet and exceed applicable American and European Standards.

Through our patented variable pitch technology and our newly developed carbon-fiber blades we achieve unparalleled efficiency even in low wind-speed regions, and we are able to extend the operating envelope from as low as 5mph to as high as 65mph wind-speeds.

All of our Turbines are manufactured using only the finest materials. For example, stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminum alloys are used for most components. Also, we use German manufactured, double sealed and  self-lubricating bearings, brushless slip-rings, precision CNC machining, and tight quality control, which assures an almost service free lifecycle, and extends the design operating life to beyond 30 years.

Scaled Energy LLC Wind-Turbines are paired with Axial Flux Permanent (Neodymium) Magnet Generators, which are produced  in-house and designed to match the Turbine Characteristics. These AFPM Generators are Air-Cooled by using a forced and controlled airflow.



Wind Power since ancient times...





Scaled Energy LLC 8 kW Turbine powering a home on an island

8 kW Turbine on Island



Why renewable Energy?

Renewable and abundant energy from sources like Wind and Sun not only make sense because it reduces contaminants and greenhouse gases, but also makes economical sense by reducing the overall cost of power, and to achieve energy independency.

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